Takako Kato


Born as the 4th generation of leather craft family in Sapporo, Japan, she inherits the spirits of craftsmanship that her great grandfather pursued and was recognized by the Japanese imperial family in the early 1900's. In the early 2000's, she often visited Europe to merchandize leather products for her shop PRIVA in Sapporo. She started her atelier located in Tokyo in 2006. Since opening her flagship shop MODEMOi in 2011, today, all the processes including designing, patterning, merchandizing, retailing and aftercare services are directed and organized within her team of dedicated skilled craftsmen. In March 2013, she made a debut in Paris receiving attention from buyers worldwide and her latest collection is now distributed overseas. Built on the tradition, the contemporary bags that she creates are giving people pleasure to carry, encouragement, and dignity.

In the early 1900's
Great GrandfatherGreat Grandfather in his Atelier

Handmade in JAPAN

A day starts by sharpening knives. Japanese bronze knives are perfect for any sort of skins from hard cheese-like vegetable tannage to YUBA -like (dried bean curd) chrome tannage, realizing beautiful organic cutting. Her design work starts at the time she meets skins, tacks or metal plates, without preoccupation, even a rough sketch, inspired by what the material speaks to her. Guided by the potential of what materials can be integrated and regenerated into, the products come to connote quiet yet intense individuality. Her bags do not belong to or are not subordinated to what to dress. The craftsmanship and philosophy are underlying in the Takako Kato brand. Passing on the spirits of craftsmanship and the skills to the future is one of her missions.


In 2001
PRIVA in Sapporo"PRIVA" in Sapporo

In 2004
Showroon CHARLES JOURDAN in Paris"Charles Jourdan" in Paris

In 2011
Atelier in Tokyo"Atelier MODEMOi" in Tokyo

In 2012
Linea Pelle in Italy"LINEA PELLE" in Italy

In 2013
Place Vendôme in Paris"Place Vendôme" in Paris

In 2014
Musée des Arts décoratifs"Musée des Arts décoratifs"
Part of the Louvre Palace in Paris

In 2015